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Security Design and Engineering

We are the single source to create a strong and reliable security environment with the threat assessment, engineering and development along with the application of what is designed.

The choice you do fort he security of your facility is a significant subject matter that the solutions provided to you should be effective in the systems and durable to the years to come with the new technologies.  PSE provides you the best engineering consulting services for the protection of your assests, facilities, employees and operations.

PSE has a vast experience with the private clients and corporations from various industries. But basically PSE is a trusted partner to the most recognized companies in the Defense and Homeland Security industries. We have a proven reputation in the design of technical solutions for a diverse range of military and government programs. We can assist  you create a robust security environment with services that include current and emerging threat assessments, policy review and development, and master planning.

PSE has successfully provided the following Technical Solution designs for our partners:

  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Nationwide Cabling
  • Network Engineering
  • Combat Operations Support
  • C4ISR Systems Engineering
  • Foreign Military Sales

PSE’s Technical Solutions include design and consulting services for the following:

  • Design/Build of Electronic Security Systems for foreign military airbases
  • Design of Communications Architecture and Integration for military installation in Africa