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Quality is at the core of everything we do. Since the foundation of Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC., as the management we have focussed on delivering quality to our clients. It is fundemental for us to provide customer satisfaction in order to maintain our portfolio. We recognise that it’s better for us, and better for our clients, to foresee the quality expectations before any start of the operations. We aim for zero defects and we invest in the training, technology and suppliers to allow us to do this.

We pursue the government law and regulations that we see it fundemental to comply with the legislation without any deviation so as to provide service and product quality. We have been working in anticipation of these regulations for many years and we have a goal to be among the leading contractors to ensure compliance with government legislation. Each production and implementation step of any projects are documented at our facilities and project sites. Each quality report is signed off before the facilities or the product is turned to the clients. Our Team of quality managers and inspectors visit each worksite regularly and ensure compliance with regulations. Implementing a quality system and a strict work Schedule provides us the opportunity to finish the projects earlier than the client’s expectations which makes us proud of the work we do.

Our quality management system is designed in accordance with the North American Quality Standards. We are committed to the Quality Management System and to its continual improvement, and thus insist that all staff and sub-contractors comply with it. As a management responsibility our managers establish quality objectives and monitor where we are standing by means of the product and services quality.

To ensure that we deliver Information Technology Engineering and Consulting Services that meet the Client’s requirements and conform to the relevant regulations, codes and specifications, Management is totally committed to providing product and service of the highest quality standards

External verification of our system ensures a process of regular evaluation and improvement.  This benefits both the Client and ourselves, and enhances our good reputation within the construction and engineering industry.

Other benefits derived from implementing the system effectively include:-

  • Clear definition of authority, responsibilities and interfaces, documented in the flowchart procedures
  • Motivation of staff towards pride in carrying out their work through interdepartmental co-operation and input
  • Encouraging the Engineering Team and support services to maintain a Client focus and meet all specified requirements
  • Mechanisms to identify, isolate and control nonconforming materials or work
  • Promotion of efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Identifying training needs, provide training and assess its effectiveness
  • Producing records which demonstrate the achievement of Client requirements
  • Getting it right first time and on time
  • Delivering the Client a Quality service to specification and budget