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Project Management

Project Management and Installation

Predictive Solutions Engineering assures the quality of the crafted works through our professional team of installation engineers and technicians.

Project Management

The PSE has the most professional team which will provide the total project management and implementation to monitor and expedite the installed systems. A project manager and a quality team of engineers can be assigned to large or complicated installations to ensure that every step of the process is managed smoothly, particularly in new construction projects or in sizable updates of an existing system.

Program Management

To maintain an existing system or the installed system, PSE has the right professionals to manage the program. We can  assign personnel to work at your site managing the daily activities of your systems performance.

Installation Process

Our professional installation team follows a set of internal standards when installing your system. We develop as built drawings of your system, identifying where and what products are installed in which parts of your facility, including how they were installed. This expedites service calls, troubleshooting, and the maintenance of your system.

Predictive Solutions Engineering assures  that all of our technicians are cross trained on our vendors products and keeps our technical team up-to-date on product changes, upgrades, and new trouble shooting techniques. Our technicians hold a series of licenses, certifications, and specialty training.

Our knowledgeable staff ensures that your project is installed on-budget, on-time, and performs as expected.

Customer Training Programs

Predictive Solutions Engineering provides training to your staff on the newly installed technology, assuring that your personnel is knowledgeable about the system and fully capable of operating the system. Based on the system requirements and updates or as requested, we can provide additional training to your personnel.