PSE has a wide array of measures at its disposal to protect networks, whether they are confined to a single facility or they span countries. Though its partnership with several industry leaders, PSE is one of a handful of companies certified to offer the latest in Layer 1 cyber security and Physical Fiber Optic Defense (PFOD).


The threats posed against sensitive networks is ever-present and ever-growing. From insider threats to vandalism and espionage, the computer network is one of the most critical assets of any organization. It is for this reason PSE has partnered with Network Integrity Systems to bring our Federal and Commercial customers the best in Layer 1 Cybersecurity.

Network Cabling

Whether your facility processes financial data, Electronic Medical Records, or highly-classified military information, PSE can provide the right network solution for all your computing needs. Guaranteed to exceed your expectations, PSE’s network technicians are ready and waiting to bring connectivity to every corner of your organization.

Data Center Security

In the age of information, the need for network integrity and compartmentalization is more crucial than ever. In dedicated data centers or collocated data facilities, PSE is ready to ensure your information is safe and sound. Our solutions instantly notify network managers if you suffer a loss of connectivity, so you can dispatch the exact entity required to the precise location of the issue, every time.