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Network Engineering

The Network Engineering and Optimization Solution is designed to help clients more rapidly, efficiently and cost effectively plan, engineer, build and launch new fixed and mobile broadband networks and services.

Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC.’s innovative assets, based on big data analysis and IT, consulting and business process outsourcing (BPO) experience, can help operators make real-time decisions to enhance capital investments and network creation. In addition, Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. can help industrialize and automate other engineering processes, such as configuration management and testing, and deliver increased flexibility at improved cost.



Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. has the global reach, breadth of capability and flexibility to help CSPs integrate their network operations and help reduce the costs of planning, building and operating legacy and new networks and services.

Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. has experienced network-skilled professionals who have demonstrated simultaneous, well-established results across multiple areas of the organization. The Network Engineering and Optimization Solution brings together network-skilled individuals with rich experience and methodology to help:

  • Perform end-to-end process alignment.
  • Bridge network and operation planning.
  • Perform build, tracking and cross-organization communications.
  • Enforce demarcation ownership and dependency impacts


Network Engineering Services

The Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. Network Engineering and Optimization Solution leverages a variety of services, consisting of operational diagnostics; organization and process design; systems deployment and integration; and outsourcing of planning, engineering services and program management services, as well as network services solutions, to dynamically manage network control and configuration.

Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. offers a number of specialized sub-offerings that can be targeted to specific network operator needs. These are:

  • Network Planning and Operational Management
  • Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Deployment
  • Network Testing
  • Service Layer Evolution
  • PSTN Sunsetting
  • Network Transformation/Unified Communications as a Service
  • Managed Wi-Fi


Digital service providers are driving the transformation at the heart of today’s Digital World. As they work to realize the promise of that transformation, communications service providers (CSPs) are pursuing an accelerated phase-out of legacy networks in favor of a new network that will enable them to operate in tomorrow’s disaggregated world, with its plenitude of players.

To realize the full benefit of that transformation, network operations will need to shift to a software paradigm and software operating models. And this shift will require unique new skills, including new ways of designing, building and operating software networks in the cloud, and a shift in budgeting and monetization models from CAPEX-intensive, hardware-based infrastructure to OPEX-focused, software-based models.


Field installation & repair service transformation

Effectively managing field operations while improving the customer experience.

Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. Field Installation & Repair Services Transformation: Effectively Managing Field Operations While Improving the Customer Experience

Full connectivity, mobility and big data are rapidly changing customers’ behaviors, needs and expectations. To stay abreast, leading communications service providers (CSPs) are pursuing improved agility, flexibility and productivity while striving to reduce operating costs. And the bar is raised for customer service.

Recent Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. consumer research reveals that customers’ frustration with field service is creating real problems and threatening to affect the very nature of the provider-customer relationship:

Nearly three in four customers (73%) indicate that service appointments take longer than promised and that issues are not being resolved during the first visit.

More than four in five customers (81%) say that their experience with the repair or service technician impacts their overall trust in the provider or its brand.

One-half of customers state that the main reason to switch providers is the quality of customer service.

Only one in four customers say they trust the company with whom they have a relationship.

Initiatives to achieve transformation in customer and field service organizations have typically proven to be long and complex, posing further challenges for the introduction of innovative processes that could drive improvements in customer service.

The solution? Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. Field Installation & Repair Services Transformation .

It is an integrated framework of services supported by a robust, scalable and flexible digital platform and cutting-edge advanced analytics practices. Cloud based and delivered as a service, FIRST enables CSPs to improve field performance, operate with improved agility and effectiveness, and deliver an improved customer experience.

The technology and functionality to support key processes are already in place and can be rapidly customized to meet specific provider needs. FIRST can fully transform CSPs’ network customer service operations in a five-to-eight-month timeframe, leading to faster implementation and the realization of benefits 12 to 18 months sooner than when using traditional methods.

Service Experience Engineering & Management: Helping Assure a Superior Customer Experience of the Network

Communication services—and their supporting networks— have already been transformed from being an enabling capability for business transactions and entertainment to a mission-critical element of many people’s daily lives. Traditional methods for measuring and assuring customers’ experience of the network have proven to be inadequate. While significant CAPEX is invested in the network, there is little assurance that this expenditure can actually be correlated to the customer experience. At the same time, KPIs for service and experience assurance have ultimately proven unreliable.

To address these interrelated needs, Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. offers Service Experience Engineering & Management (SEEM) Services. SEEM offers a transformation roadmap for the process of managing both the network itself and the customer experience of the network. It enables providers to run network operations with analytics-driven, customer-centric insights. SEEM offers a number of platform-driven engineering and operational services that help digital CSPs optimize their service performance, reduce their engineering and operational costs and optimize their network assets.

Achieving this transformation is an extremely complex task. Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. will help CSPs make the move from a traditional network to a digital network by providing an integrated approach to managing the network, network services and the consumer experience. With SEEM, CSPs have a way to secure and maintain a growing percentage of Customer Lifetime Value.


Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. Digital Network Deployment: Enabling CSPs to Secure Improved ROI on Network Investment

For Communications Service Providers (CSPs), effective network planning and deployment remains one of the keys to achieving market leadership. The focus of network deployment is shifting from assuring customer reach and coverage to securing profitable rollout so that adequate return on investment (ROI) is delivered to investors.

Despite the increased complexity of network deployment, execution of network deployment has remained largely unchanged for the last 20 years. A new approach is needed that transforms and industrializes the old process of network infrastructure creation: Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. Digital Network Deployment (DND). Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. DND brings together Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. Strategy and Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. Consulting to provide network planning and development strategy; systems integration and tools; and, services and operations.

By providing a unique combination of services, assets and capabilities, Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. Digital Network Deployment delivers value across three main dimensions: increasing CSPs’ revenue-generating ability; reducing cost; and, making the most of invested capital.

CSPS are evolving from traditional services providers into Integrated Digital Service Providers with digital at the heart of everything they do. Whenever there are large and complex CAPEX programs to modernize a network or introduce a new technology, and success demands the orchestration of multiple and diverse entities, Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. DND can deliver tremendous value.

Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. Next Generation Enterprise Services: Helping CSPs Extract Optimum Value from Digital Network Transformation

The growth and demand for digital services is creating tremendous disruption for communications services providers (CSPs), as their customers, demand ever-increasing service velocity, quality and differentiation. To address the requirements of the new digital customer in a cost-effective and efficient manner, while reducing time to revenue, high-performing CSPs are moving away from reliance on purpose-built hardware for network functions.

They are instead creating a new digital network of the future—underpinned by the cloud, software-defined network (SDN) tools, and network functional virtualization (NFV)—that will be a flexible business enabler, providing an opportunity for CSPs to win against the digital giants and to be a disrupter, rather than the disrupted.

In support of this journey, Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. has developed the Next Generation Enterprise Services offering, an end-to-end suite of services that offers comprehensive support for the demands faced by CSPs who seek to become platform-based Interactive Digital Service Providers. This services suite helps CSPs design, develop, deploy, operationalize, migrate to and jointly take to market next generation enterprise telco service portfolios and includes three major components:

Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. Digital Virtual Network Platform, which establishes a comprehensive framework for the virtual network of the future.

Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. Intelligent Migration Suite, which establishes a clear path for transition from legacy, hardware-based approaches.

Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC. Digital Network Transformation Services, which offers broad-based consulting, engineering, deployment, migration, testing and operation services to optimize CSPs’ digital network opportunities.

Together, these offerings provide CSPs with comprehensive tools and support for the Digital Network Transformation that will help them drive closer alignment with the needs of their enterprise customers.