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PSE Service Professionals

Our trained service professionals will visit your site to manage, monitor and service your system and the products in it at any time.  Scheduling regular service and maintenance visits ensures that your system is working at peak performance all the time. No matter what type of system you have – a security, audio visual, patient safety, parking, or an intelligent building solution – we will review your systems performance from top to bottom, testing your products and making certain that everything is working at full capacity. We’ll upgrade software, review connections, clean lenses, and monitor the interoperability of your products. While onsite, we’ll troubleshoot problems and repair or replace products if there is a failure.


For our Security Clients, we offer Remote Guarding Services.

Our remote guard services tie into your existing video solutions or we can install cameras with video analytics software inside them that watches for defined behaviors such as loitering, trespassing, or propped doors. Your streaming videos will automatically send an alert to our monitoring agents if your cameras detect the mentioned behaviors or others.  Our agents will respond immediately reviewing the streaming video from your cameras, identifying the nature of the problem, the severity of the situation, and responding to the matter, given your predefined actions.

Agents can communicate with intruders, employees, or any person or thing that has tripped an alarm. Our system captures, records, and can send streaming video to your mangers, security officers, or the police, while our agents remain onsite viewing, communicating with and managing your event. Our systems can tie into your access control and intrusion system providing even a more comprehensive monitoring solution.

Our systems provide guard tours with video documentation of the tours. We offer video escorts 24/7/365 with two way audio communications with the escorted person(s). We can customize our solutions specific to your location for days, nights, and weekends, reducing the number of guards needed on-site at anytime.

Service Contracts

Service contracts of any kind provide feature rich functionality to your organization, your systems and the products in your system. They protect your assets, your investments, and your liability, at your lowest costs.  Proactive service contracts result in fewer failures.  Regular maintenance stabilizes your service fees, allows you to budget more effectively, and develops a clear picture of your systems overall needs, helping you to determine the products longevity, needed upgrades, and additional features that would improve your solutions.