Q: What are the advantages of employing Interceptor or Vanguard systems vs. a traditional PDS?

A: While traditional hardened carrier Protective Distribution Systems (PDS) allow a relatively secure pathway for sensitive data, they also come with their own requirements that can be costly, both upfront and further into the life of the system. By employing one of PSE’s solutions (Interceptor or Vanguard), an organization may capitalize on existing infrastructure or, in the absence of such, utilize interlocking armored fiber optic cable to bring network connectivity virtually anywhere, removing the need for expensive PDS solutions. This reduces schedule, saving time and labor expenses, and the need to run unsightly hardened pathways or EMT. Not only does PSE reduce Capital Expenditures upfront, but by implementing our solutions we eliminate unnecessary Operational Expenditures, like daily inspections, and allow the flexibility for future scaling, rerouting or removal.

Q: How can I be sure that my facility or activity will be compliant once my system is installed or upgraded?

A: PSE goes to great lengths to do an in-depth analysis of all regulatory specifications, guidelines, and policies that apply to our customers’ unique needs before even beginning our design and continually throughout the installation and testing process. This includes Unified Facilities Criteria, Department of Defense and Military Branch Manuals, National Agencies Directives and Intelligence Community Directives. We also apply National Industrial Security practices to all our projects from inception and design, to inspection and delivery. To date, PSE has 100% pass rate on all US Government inspected/accepted facilities.

Q: What happens if my system needs to be serviced or repaired?

A: PSE offers extended product and service warranties on all projects, big or small. In addition to extended warranties, PSE offers Centralized Global Monitoring and Managed Services, to bring 24/7/365 coverage to your facilities, networks, and activities. No matter where in the world your asset is located, PSE has network and security professionals on duty to provide technical assistance, remote access troubleshooting and if necessary, dispatch of technicians, security forces or law enforcement. PSE also offers manning solutions, to ensure you have on-site support for your network and security system.