Engineering & General Services

PSE prides itself on decades of professional military and government service, primarily in the defense sector. It is through this experience that we are able to offer the most effective protective solutions to our customers. Base, Facility, SCIF or TR, we are experts in designing and building secured areas. But our expertise doesn’t stop there – we take service to the next level by developing the procedures and providing the personnel to operate these facilities.


Since its inception, PSE has been involved with the design and construction of some of the most advanced secure facilities in the world. Our team participates in developing the design strategies that shape the industry and integrate components in a manner that taps every ounce of capability.


Just because a facility is secure from the outside, doesn’t mean it can’t be made vulnerable from the inside. The fully integrated network of systems used to protect a classified facility, requires highly specialized skills and experience to operate and maintain. Furthermore, with the ever-present risk of insider threat, it is imperative that the person charged with running your facility be vetted properly. PSE is able to provide cleared personnel, with relevant experience, to operate and maintain your facility with the same level of care you would use to run it yourself. We also can help with upgrades, End-of-Life (EOL) refit, and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) administration.


No matter where in the world your facility is located, or where you are, PSE can monitor both security systems and network statuses, in real time. This allows us to provide 24/7/365 support to your people to help with technical issues, remote access troubleshooting or dispatching maintenance, security or law enforcement personnel without delay.


Every type of asset has its own threats and security requirements. So does every facility, base, country and environment. Whether it’s a bank, school, government facility, or military base, PSE is able to provide a detailed threat assessment and risk management plan to help improve your overall security posture, mitigate potential threats and reduce exposure.