Electronic Security

PSE employs the latest in electronic security technology, from the most trusted brands, in all its design concepts. We are continuously testing and deploying new technology, in applications that are tailored to the unique needs of our clients.


The hardware, software and processes that make up an Intrusion Detection System can detect, isolate and prevent malicious activities or intrusions long before your asset is compromised. PSE is committed to developing Intrusion Detection Systems that are effective, economic and easy to use.


Personnel, vehicles and equipment all have the potential to cause harm to an asset, area or activity. Access Control Systems restrict, monitor and document who or what is coming and going from your facility, at all times. Our Access Control Systems allow your people to get where they’re going, without hindering daily operations, while always providing you with peace of mind.


Our approach to Perimeter Defense is simple: The earlier you detect the threat, the better your chances are of mitigating it. PSE uses the latest in radar systems and directional jamming technologies to detect, disrupt and defeat Unmanned Aerial Systems. Pushing the boundaries of Counter-UAS integration, PSE is able to fully integrate radar feeds/alarms, directly into our interface to provide the customer with a 360-degree view of their protective sphere, high and low, from the asset to the perimeter, and far beyond.


Taking Access Control to a whole new level of effectiveness, Biometrics allow us to rely on the physical characteristics of an individual to authenticate access authorization. In some cases, a key card or PIN may suffice, but when a higher level of protection is required, PSE can offer, finger, palm, facial, voice or retinal recognition to authenticate access.


The ability monitor, record, archive and recall video surveillance in real time could mean all the difference between the protection and the loss of an asset. This is why all of PSE’s Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems are designed with the speed and storage in mind.