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Design and Engineering

Custom Design and Engineering Services

Predictive Solutions Engineering LLC, (PSE) has a team of engineering experts from different engineering branches and we are dedicated to present professionalism in the application of the technology.  PSE has a customer centric vision in the project implementation that understanding of your business, your clients, your system requirements, your facilities requirements and existing infrastructure and your goals, is given high importance at the execution of the contracts. We plan site visits to your facility reviewing your existing systems capability and structure, considering the most feature rich, cost effective options available to you, based on your needs. We make notes, ask questions, and help you think through your process, offering ideas and choices to consider.

After gathering all the data, our design engineers will craft a custom technological solutions in relation to your short-term and long-term objectives with the system to be installed. The selection of the products and their quality will be based on the standards as mutually aggreed at contract execution and PSE will implement the engineering controls to provide cost effective solutions on your behalf which will be effective during the installation phase as well as with the long term objectives. The systems design will include detailed drawings, recommended products, and how they will be networked together to operate. We believe that the best solutions are custom designed solutions based on your individual requirements.

After designing your system, we will review pricing, capabilities, return on your investment (ROI), and any changes needed.  We will make requested adjustments, giving you a final design for your approval.

Project Management and Installation Options

Depending on the size and demands of your project, whether it will be installed in an existing facility or is a part of a new construction project, you may choose to have a project manager oversee your installation. They work closely with you, your construction managers, and other vendors involved, ensuring that our teams are onsite with the right products at the right times.

Predictive Solutions Engineering also provides program managers that work on your site, managing your systems needs on a daily basis. We provide systems  with as built drawings indicating where and how each product has been installed.  Our installation team follows step-by-step standards for wiring and performance practices. If or when our service team comes onsite to service your system, they will know where every product is located, how it was installed and how to maintain it. We provide  Our installation standards expedite services, saving you time and money.

Service Contracts

Predictive Solutions Engineering provides time consuming and cost effective system maintenance and management services.  A professional team of engineers and a solid program management program will be required depending on the size of your system in order to manage your systems performance and stability after installation. Remote monitoring and proactive maintenance also provide assurances that your system and the products in it are regularly maintained, resulting in fewer failures.  Choosing the right service plan allows you to budget more effectively and develops a clear picture of your systems short term and long term needs.