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Integrated Electronic Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Organizations

The commercial industrial market is large and diverse. As a result, designing and integrating electronic systems for this market commands an exceptional level of expertise and knowledge of the security solutions on the market today.  We bring this to you through our suite of products for your building needs and through a set of experts in all the electronic systems that we offer. Our design engineers know exactly how to make them work as a standalone system or together as one operating system.  We are your partner in technology.

Security Solutions

Commercial-industrial risks vary based on the nature of the company’s business. Whether you’re a semiconductor manufacturer, a food processing plant, or a paper good manufacturer, you have liabilities. Our job is to mitigate these liabilities, managing and eliminating your risks.

This is why we offer the most comprehensive security solutions on the market today. We bring you a full suite of intrusion detection systems with 24/7/365 monitoring services, and emergency notification systems that allow you to communicate with personnel and visitors in the case of a fire, intrusion, or any need that requires notifying your company of a situation. We provide comprehensive security solutions with high definition video surveillance technology, including video analytics that watch for defined behaviors and send alerts to you, or to us, when they are detected.

PSE offers managed access control systems and self-managed access control systems that will secure your entrances, exits, shipping and warehousing areas, corporate suites, and the interior and exterior of your buildings. The advantage of managed services is that we take the burden and the costs of managing a system off your plate.  Both systems offer exactly the same services of adding and deleting people in your system, programming of doors, entry and exit points, and providing audit trails of who came and went.  You can either manage all of this yourself or we can manage this for you from our 24/6/365 monitoring facility or data center.  We can develop a system where we blend these two operating platforms together so that we can manage your system during certain times and you can manage during others.  Predictive Solutions Engineering can also develop your ID badges for you, or we can set you up to manage your own ID badges locally.

Our access control systems can be combined with high definition video surveillance, capturing images that verify who came, who went, from where, and when. We offer every type of security solution available in today’s market, but only make product recommendations specific to your needs after we understand what your company’s risks are.

We design and deliver high definition video surveillance systems. High definition video allows you to see vivid details with your cameras, either directly through the camera and/or through zooming in on captured images.  You can manage your video system or we can provide you with proactive video solutions, not known to the market until today.  Proactive video ties your cameras to our 24/7/365 monitoring center where our trained and certified video monitoring agents watch your cameras’ feeds when an incident is triggered.  Incidents are triggered by your intrusion system, access control system or even the cameras themselves through video analytics software.  When triggered our agents receive live streaming video feeds and provided a video verified response.  Police respond faster and they’re prepared, knowing exactly what they are walking into. We also offer video guard tours, video analysis, video heath checks, video escorts and more.

When your expensive recorders need replacing or your remote location needs video surveillance, let us provide you with a hosted video solution.

There is no other security solution company in the area and only a few nationwide that can bring you this level of protection or this quality of services.  Whether you are looking to continue your in-house operations or to reduce your operating costs with new services and solution, we have the answer for you.  Give us a call to talk more about you options.

PSE offers you the most comprehensive security solutions, from traditional security offerings to the most progressive technology in the market today.