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As PSE , we are committed to providing our employees a collaborative working environment that promotes individual growth while encouraging every person to serve as a vital team member, working on challenging and rewarding projects. We believe it is crucial to provide the resources and opportunities necessary to help our team grow, thrive and have fun.

We are an equal-opportunity employer who offers a wide variety of employment opportunities and a competitive benefits package. Predictive Solutions Engineering LCC. has goal to reflect its values at all levels of the management as we are willing to create the same environment with Human Resources.  The below are the principles in our hiring process:

  • We want to be proud of our workforce and we also want our workforce to be proud of their company;
  • We focus on the qualities of the people working for us, and we do not distinguish on the basis of origin, gender, race, beliefs or sexual orientation;
  • We value staff on the basis of the content of the jobs they do and the quality they deliver;
  • Employees with the same or comparable jobs are, taking into account previous training, experience and the individual qualities they bring to the job, valued and rewarded equally on the basis of the applicable norms in the specific country or specific region where they work;
  • We ensure that our staff are given equal opportunities to develop within the limits of their own potential and the possibilities that their employers can provide;
  • We make sure that our workforce reflects society at large as closely as possible and, in this context, we try to ensure that our workforce profile is a varied one;
  • We prefer to recruit a large proportion of our staff from the regions where our companies are located;
  • We respect differences in our employees and we expect our employees to do the same;
  • We have an open and respectful approach to our employees and we expect the same attitude from our employees;
  • We respect fundamental rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of access to information and the freedom to share that information, within limits dictated by normal standards of mutual respect, privacy and confidentiality as they are sometimes required in business dealings;
  • We give our staff what they require so that we can also rely on their enduring availability in the future;
  • We invest in our workforce by giving our staff the opportunity not only to follow the training required directly by the business but also by encouraging them to follow training that allows them to develop further;
  • We create a secure environment for our employees, with a focus on safety and welfare, and we do not give intimidation, manipulation or harassment any openings;
  • We are averse to corruption or bribery, we want to do business in an honest and ethical way, and we expect our employee to take this into full account in their activities;
  • We expect our staff to inform us if they have any doubts about whether the safeguards and monitoring of these principles are adequate;
  • We take employee complaints seriously and we are always open to dialogue in this area